Versatile creative-type seeks challenging professional endeavor.

Over the past decade, I've gotten my feet wet in a variety of roles, spanning photo & video production, visual design, digital marketing, web design & development, public relations and eCommerce. The collective experiences gathered in this period have offered me a well-rounded skill set and have shaped me to be curious and adaptable.

I look forward to bringing these components together in my next role.

Previous clients: Acid Tongue, Bebop Waffle Shop, Capitol Hill Block Party, Cataldo, Crow's Nest Home Inspections, Crystal Panes, Deep Sea Diver, E&R Venice, Ernest Loves Agnus, Evan Flory Barnes, Everett Music Initiative, Fisherman's Village Music Festival, Freakout Records, Freakout Festival, Holden Outerwear, Jake Uitti, John Goodfellow, Makota Co, POW Gloves, Rerucha Studio, SAMA, Security Leadership Capitol, Shaina Shepherd, Smokey Brights, Strata, Tashkent Park Creative, The Skin Butik, The Wooden Palate, Upsidedown Wine, Uwade, Volume Music & Sound, WestRiver Group