Waste Not

Role: Creative Direction, Research, Branding, UX/UI Design
Completed: 2020


Waste Not was the result of an assignment from the Visual Design + Branding course from SuperHi, wherein I was instructed to select a social cause and develop a brand and solution that addressed the issues of that subject.

The project involved initial research to help develope the scope of work, which included market research, competitive analysis, user research and a questionaire. The results of this research helped me to develop the mood board and the eventual branding and style guidelines, which were eventually translated to responsive screen designs with interactive prototyping to showcase user flows.


After much deliberation, I settled on a contrasting color palette of green and purple, each of which were to be used in a monochromatic format. Though my early mood boards showcased quite a different palette, I found that green and purple were the perfect compliment to the eventual icon that was selected to be used in the logo – grapes!

Left: Final color palette chosen for Waste Not; Right: Final logo designs shown in their varying color pairings

Additional iconography sourced from The Noun Project, shown in varying color pairings

Left: Typography breakdown; Right: fonts shown in use and in full color

Click here to see an interactive prototype of the site on desktop.

Click here to see an interactive prototype of the site on mobile.